2013-2014 Curriculum Plans (High School)


**For my 14 year old daughter “C” (ninth grade):

Math: Kinetic Algebra and Quartermile Math

Character: Before I Meet Prince Charming, Bright Lights

Foreign Language: Rosetta Stone Spanish with My Father’s World Lesson plans

Science: Apologia Biology with ipad app and notebooking/lapbook from Knowledge Box


Health and Fitness: SOS High School Health, CPR/First Aid, Self-Defense/karate (black belt), swimming, bowling, wii fit, etc.


Music: Piano, Composer/hymn studies

History, Bible, English:

As always, I combine history, bible, language arts and art.  This year the spine of C’s curriculum will be Exploring World History (part 1) by Notgrass.  The program is designed to be a one year course, however, I am stretching it out for two years to allow for more in depth study.  In addition to the writing and reading assignments suggested, we are adding:

*Within the Palace Gates

*Fountain of Life

*Galen and the Gateway to Medicine


*Cyrus the Persian

*Lord of the Rings Trilogy

*Mere Christianity


*Alexander the Great – Landmark

*The Adventures of Odysseus

*Tale of Troy

*Favorite Greek Myths

*Eagle of the Ninth

*Raiders from the Sea

*Shadow Spinner

*Adara (Kings II, Naaman and Elisha)

*God King (the Story of Hezekiah)

*Victory on the Walls (the Story of Nehemiah)

*Vinegar Boy

*Wulf the Saxon

*Son of Charlemagne

*Hittite Warrior

*Famous Men of Rome

*Red Falcons of Tremoine

*For the Temple

*Beric the Briton

*Usborne: Roman World, Greece, Middle Ages

History 1

We use the Socratic method outlined in Teaching the Classics to discuss the books and  will also finish the last half of Literary Lessons with the Lord of the Rings, Spelling Wisdom 3 lessons 81-160, writing instruction with Jensen’s Format Writing and IEW.

Current Events: God’s World News

Extra Curricular: Awana Leader in Training, 4H, Bible Quizzing, Bright Lights

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