Vintage Play Kitchen

Vintage Play Kitchen


J needed a new play kitchen – the pink Little Tikes kitchen that had been so much fun for her older sister was too small and not “real” enough.  Her feeding therapist hoped that more interaction with pretend food would lessen her aversions to real food. I looked in stores and online but couldn’t find anything (affordable) that was large enough for a child who was nearly nine.  So I went to my all-time favorite resource…yup, Pinterest.  There were so many fantastic ideas that I had a plan in no time.

DSCN4472I picked up this thingamajig (no idea what is was in it’s former life) for $3 at the thrift store.  I scrubbed it, cut a door and a shelf and added a larger top.  Primed the whole thing, then painted it a creamy off white.  The top and door where painted vintage teal.  I taped off squares on the top which I painted red to simulate tile.  A glass knob on the door, some hooks and accessories and the new island was done!

DSCN4484                                   DSCN4569                                     DSCN45702I found this giant, heavy, oak entertainment center on Craig’s list for $50.  After cleaning it I taped around and spray painted the glass (on the inside) with frosted glass spray paint.  This part would become the refrigerator.

center                              DSCN44742Next I cut out a hole for the sink (aka stainless steel mixing bowl) and drilled holes for the faucet (Menards – I think it’s intended for a wet bar).DSCN4475

And cut out the inside of one door so I could add plexiglass for the oven door.

DSCN44762DSCN4486                                           DSCN4487And primed and painted (the teal needed 3 coats…)

DSCN4488And cut and installed another shelf for the refrigerator…                                                   DSCN4492

Painted the inside of the over black, then splattered with white and dark blue, added a push light and found a rack to fit inside the oven…


Spray painted the rack black…

            DSCN4499        Added a matching glass knob to the cabinet door..DSCN4505

Glued on the stove burners (coasters from Target) and decoupaged oven controls I had printed off, drilled three holes and installed painted wooden cabinet knobs in the middle of the controls.  This way you can turn the knobs and “adjust” the temperature.  Remember, it had to be “real”! 


More storage under the sink. I sewed a little curtain to conceal the sink and attached it with a tension rod. The sink comes out so I can empty the water.  (Yes, J uses water and really washes her play dishes)!



Dish drying rack stored under the sink.



All of the pots and pans are real, most from the Goodwill and thrift stores. Real spagetti in an old large creamer bottle.



Reversible apron and potholders I sewed to coordinate.



Vintage fabric for reversible apron.



An Ikea handle and hooks hold cooking utensils.



Washing the dishes.



Stocked refrigerator – I cut scrap wood, painted and decoupaged labels for butter, soymilk, etc. The regular milk is actually Elmers Glue (I filled the milk jug half way and hot glued the cap) so it looks like she is pouring it and and feels heavy.



Brownies made from scraps of wood.



Order forms from Walmart. J loves to play restaurant and she is working on math and social skills while she is playing!



I splurged and ordered a few menu covers from a restaurant supplier. I can print off the menus and just slip them inside.



Cookie dough and cookies I made out of felt – cookies can be “cut out” and frosted.



I also sewed sets of reversible placemats.



I saved labels from our real canned goods and decoupaged them on to small cans.

DSCN4578                 DSCN45982                     DSCN4586

J will likely play with this kitchen set for many years.  As she gets older and taller I can add short wooden legs to the bottom to raise it up.

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