Our Homeschool Routine (autism)




We do not have a “typical” school day.  Each week day has different activities and therapies.  I do have a routine for the week:


voicetouse2226Please note, this is NOT a rigid schedule!  In fact, I’m reasonably certain that we have never had a whole week that followed this routine.  The children need sensory breaks, have meltdowns, etc. and we have to adjust accordingly. DSCN5876


L and J each have a large weekly schedule that show the major events of the day:


And smaller, reversible foam boards that show more detailed steps for getting dressed, etc.

DSCN5886 DSCN5892


When not in use, I keep extra PECs in a fabric covered shipping box on top of the fridge.

L and J have a difficult time transitioning from one activity to another. Theses portable visual schedules from Rainbow Resource are perfect for showing each child the daily school activites and their order:



Our Zones of Regulation station is used many times during the day:


Our SuperFlex wall is a work in progress that J especially needs to use throughout the day:DSCN5901

 C can do most subjects independently.  I print out her assignments for the week using Homeschool Tracker Plus.  We do dictation and discuss literature while traveling to appointments and in waiting rooms when L and J are in therapy.  I usually read the books assigned to C in the evenings.

6 thoughts on “Our Homeschool Routine (autism)

  1. I love your Zones of Regulation station! My son has Sensory Processing Disorder and his OT made him a chart which we sometimes use, but yours is on a whole other level! Wonderful.

    • Thanks! The long green charts showing the school tasks are from Rainbow Resource; everything else I made from foam board, card stock, velcro and clear contact paper (laminating for the financially strapped family). I make my own PECS from photos and online with Mrs. Riley.com.

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