Our Homeschool Rooms (2014-15)


As usual, I reworked our school rooms over the summer. 


I moved the piano that was along this wall and replaced it with this buffet this used to live in the kitchen.  One day I will have two Expedit (or Kallax I think they are called now) units along this wall.

DSCN7644 For now, the buffet will have to work. I have milk crates on top to hold L and J’s binders, with home-made games on top stored in scrapbook paper cases and large games in the cabinet portion of the buffet.

In the Trofast units are drawers for L and J to keep their personal workbooks, notebooks, etc. as well as OT supplies, scissors, colored pencils, fidgets, chewies and math supplies.  The white Target shelf has J’s weekly schedule on one side and holds larger items such as sorting trays, Montessori trays and therapy putty.

DSCN7651  DSCN7645

On top of the Trofast units are Sterilite bins that hold the math manipulatives and sensory items we are currently using. Fine motor manipulatives and J’s token jar (we give her a token when she uses her words) are housed on the white shelf.

DSCN7639 Along the opposite wall is a bookcase that houses our books for the upcoming year as well as small educational games, flashcards, Montessori cards and All About Spelling materials.  The teal bins were brown last year, I painted them with some acrylic paint to spruce them up a little.

DSCN7640       DSCN7667

I used scraps of fabric to decoupage a shoe box to hold our 3×5 cards as well as boxes for spelling.  The little square boxes are “micro boxes” from Rainbow Resource.

DSCN7642    DSCN7641

Next to the bookcase is another new addition – a 2×3 Expedit!  The right side holds books I use daily – geography books, teacher’s manuals, art resources and L and J’s mini offices.  C’s binders and textbooks are on the left.  The plastic bins are just ice cube bins decoupaged with more scraps of fabric.  They are perfect for holding “slouchy” books.

   DSCN7648  On top of the Expedit are basic supplies like pens, pencils and white-out as well as my black spinny thing Office Apprentice.  I keep all of my upcoming printables, clear covers and file folder games in the center.  Each file folder has a color coded sticker and letter so we can easily find the right zipper pouch (currently hanging from a tension rod under the buffet) containing cards and game pieces.


DSCN7652  DSCN7656

I built two new art ledges to display the masterpieces.

DSCN7659     DSCN7653

The table is where most “together” work happens.  On the wall I have a mini ledge to hold our spelling board out of the way and a pocket chart I made to display art cards for our artist studies.  On the table is a fidget basket and white board marker holder made from a plastic tub, toilet paper rolls and decoupaged fabric.

  DSCN7649   DSCN7650

My favorite new addition to the room is my DIY map rail/pocket chart system.  I purchased a wooden dowel ($1) and closet rod holders ($3) from a hardware store.  I cut the dowel to size and painted everything black.  Maps and posters can be hung with curtain clips; pocket charts with book rings.  The dowel pops right out to change charts quickly.  Above that is simply a yard stick (painted black) with velcro attached and screwed to the wall.  Right now it holds out USA markable map.  I love how easy it is to take the map off for mapping work and then stick it right back up.  On the door is our Calendar Connections pocket chart simply held on with magnetic hooks.  See how I made the pocket charts here. 



In the dining room I have an Expedit turned bench that holds our speech resources, social skills games and bird watching guides/binoculars.


In the hallway and on the fridge are their daily PEC schedules, chore sticks and L’s weekly schedule.

DSCN6333    bac.JPG

Downstairs we have a large room that serves as a sensory room, art room, play room, physical therapy room and homeschool storage.  One end has a reading nook with a giant whiteboard and the other end features a crash pit.  See more about the  Sensory Room on my blog.


Along one long wall are 3 cabinets for games and art supplies as well as several more bookshelves.


To help keep things organized and easy to find, I have a color coding system for fiction books.  Nonfiction books are organized by theme.  I decorated white magazine boxes with clip art and fabric.  It’s super easy to find books and put them away.


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