2014-2015 Homeschool Curriculum



homeschool curricula

World Geography: (Trail Guide to World Geography, Bold Believers, Abeka Geography, create geography notebook, geography activities with the littles)

Introduction to Psychology: (Carnegie Melon University open course, REA CLEP prep, CLEP exam in December)

Human Growth and Development: (Tufts University open course, The Developing Person through the Lifespan – Berger, Lifespan and Human Development REA CLEP prep, CLEP exam in June)

World History part 2: (Notgrass World History part 2, History of Western Civilization REA CLEP prep, CLEP exam for Western Civ. 1 in October)


Geometry: (Jacob’s Geometry) and geometry games

Chemistry: (Apologia Chemistry, Elements photo cards, molecule kit, Knowledge Box lapbook)


English 10 (honors):
Excellence in Literature II, Teaching the Classics discussions and story charts, Ultimate Grammar 11, weekly essays for World History, writing MLA style research paper, Summer reading: Canterbury Tales (Chaucer), Sir Gawain and the Green Knight (Tolkien), The Adventures and Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes (Doyle). We will read the following books during the year (the unit corresponds to Exploring World History curriculum):

Unit 16: Robinson Crusoe (Daniel DeFoe); Unit 16a: Here I Stand (Roland Bainton); Unit 17: The Swiss Family Robinson (Johann Wyss); watch Luther movie; Unit 18: Walden (Henry David Thoreau); Unit 19: Pilgrim’s Progress (John Bunyan); Unit 20: The Count of Monte Cristo (Alexandre Dumas); Unit 21: A Tale of Two Cities (Charles Dickens); Unit 22: Pride and Prejudice (Jane Austen) and watch movie; Unit 23: Heart of Darkness (Joseph Conrad); Unit 24: Till We Have Faces (C.S. Lewis); Unit 25: The Hiding Place (Corrie Ten Boom); Unit 26: Hamlet; Unit 27: Country of the Pointed Firs (Sarah Orne Jewett); Unit 28: Animal Farm (George Orwell); Unit 28a: 1984 (Orwell); Unit 29: Ivanhoe (Sir Walter Scott); Unit 29a: Jane Eyre (C. Bronte); Unit 30: The Importance of Being Earnest (Oscar Wilde) and watch movie; Unit 30a: The Abolition of Man (C. S. Lewis)

Spanish 2: Living Language Spanish; Complete Edition (includes text, workbooks, audio CDs and online learning). This is a switch from Rosetta Stone last year. I was not that impressed with Rosetta Stone for the price. There was some kind of glitch that required me to reinstall the software 1-3 times per month and losing all of the saved progress. The price point for Living Language is within our budget and had good reviews.

Bible 10: I Don’t Have Enough Faith to be an Atheist Curriculum,
I Kissed Dating Goodbye, Read Her Hand in Marriage, bible included in Notgrass World History, EFCA Bible Quizzing (memorize the book of Acts)

Music: (piano, handbells, composer studies to coordinate with history and geography)

Extra: Bible Quizzing, 4H, Karate (will earn black belt in November), Bright Lights, Sunday School, AWANA leader, VBS leader, get a part time job



homeschool curricula (Autism)


L and J do many subjects together including history, literature, art and geography.

History and Literature: We will be using the free literature based curriculum American History Menus.

Spelling: All About Spelling Level 1 and most likely will start level 2

Grammar: GUM Drops grade 3, games, copywork for American History Menus and Geography.

Handwriting: New American Cursive level 1, copywork


Geography:  I am really excited about WorldWorld Geography.  Each weekend I will load a vintage, well-travelled suitcase with books, recipes, maps, notebooking pages and more for the country we will “visit” the upcoming week. On Monday morning the children will get to open the suitcase to see where we are “going” (they are already begging to start).  After learning about each country they will get a flag sticker for their passport.  In addition to library books we will be using Bold Believers, Expedition Earth, Trail Guide to World Geography, Uncle Josh’s maps, Christmas Around the World cards, Sea Bird, Montessori style geography cards, The Librarian Who Measured the Earth, and How to Make An Apple Pie and See the World.  We will do crafts, study animals from the country, cook native(ish) recipes and play games including Quick Pix and Map Tangle.

Music and Art: Artist and composer studies to correspond with history and geography, piano lessons, music therapy, free play with instruments and art projects with different mediums.

Science: We will be doing mostly hands on physical science with some animal studies to correspond with geography and nature studies to go along with history.  I plan on doing units on electricity, earth science and engineering including Knex bridges and A Child’s History of Architecture by Hillyer.

DSCN5188 DSCN7214

Math: We all play a math game together at least four days a week (Quick Pix, Dino Math Tracks, Dino Dice, Math Wars, etc.).  I have created many file folder games to use for independent work and we use a lot of manipulatives and Montessori style activities like the the stamp game and geometry cards.  L is working at the beginning of Saxon Math 3, the repetition and slow pace are just what he needs.  J is just finishing Horizons 3 and will soon be in Horizons 4.


Life Skills: I choose activities to work on from Contenders for the Faith (L) and Keepers at Home (J) whenever possible, the little badges are a great incentive.  How to Teach Life Skills to Kids with Autism has been a great resource for me.  L is currently working on tying his shoes, sweeping and using a microwave/kitchen safety.  J is learning to follow a schedule independently including doing her chores (folding laundry, watering plants and feeding the fish).


During the week we work on increasing food tolerances through games and play food, and do activities for OT, PT and speech.  We also use and practice the Zones of Regulation and Superflex Social Thinking curricula every day.


Bible: Memorizing verses to coordinate with copywork, history and science; BibleIs and watching Nest videos.  J will be memorizing some Psalms from a lighthouse themed Psalm book and Logan will be memorizing Acts and plans to join the junior Bible Quiz team.

Extra: Activities outside the home include 4H, Special Olympics, OT, Speech, therapeutic horse riding, PT, music therapy and play therapy.  L and J both have skills workers that come into our home each week for two hours.







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